The best views of Potosí

Potosí panorama

Before coming to Potosí from Uyuni, we’d of course heard about the mine and Cerro Rico. Besides that, it’s a city with dozens of churches. And, did you know most of these churches offer some amazing views over the city?

These were my favourite ones!

Torre de la Compañía de Jesus

The first unmissable view of Potosí is from the Torre de la Compañia de Jesus, close to the Casa de la Moneda. You can only go in with a guide and it costs 10 bolivianos (≈ €1.50), but this turned out to be a great thing as we learned a lot about the history of Potosí. And of course, the views were great!

The view on Cerro Rico from Torre de la Compañia de Jesus

And if you’re lucky, the school across the street will be on recess and you can wave to hundreds of happy little girls (it’s an all girls school).

Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Paz

On the Plaza 6 de Agosto you’ll find the Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Paz. After paying the fee, you can walk around the church and climb up to the bell tower. This tower is a bit higher than the Torre de la Compañía de Jesus

View from the cathedral tower


The 3rd church rooftop we wanted to finished didn’t quite work out for us. But, if you get the opportunity to visit the Catedral de San Francisco, take it!

And while you’re in Potosí…

Casa de la Moneda

You can’t miss a visit to the Casa de la Moneda, it’s considered one of Bolivia’s most important museums! The cost is 40 bolivianos for foreign tourists, but you can joing a guided tour (also in English!) at no extra cost. We took the tour of 14:30, but they also have tours in the morning and at other times in the afternoon.

Try k’alapurka, a local soup

It was out of pure luck that we found this place (we simply choose it because it had great reviews on Google Maps), but it was seriously one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted.

K’alapurka means ‘prepared with hot stones’, and that’s what we got, alright. When my bowl arrived, it was BUBBLING, because there was a hot stone in the middle of it. They also call it volcano soup because of this. Normally K’alapurka comes with llama meat, but they also serve a vegetarian version at this restaurant (which was delicious!).

📍 Restaurante Tambo Señorial

K'alapurka soup in Potosí
K’alapurka soup
Potosí restaurant
Now, you don’t go to this restaurant for the ambiance, but the food is definitely worth it.

Next stop: Sucre!

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